The glossary is a list of terms and definitions found on your monthly Midwest Energy bill. 

对电表, the demand level used to calculate bills (kW, kVA或马力). It may differ from the actual monthly demand reading as provided in the rate schedule. 如果计费需求为零, 就像亚博游戏娱乐官网账户一样, it means there is no separate demand charge.
BTU是将一磅水的温度提高华氏一度所需要的热能. An MMBTU is equal to one (1) million BTU's.
The total of actual wholesale gas costs, upstream interstate pipeline charges, and adjustments to true up prior period over-collections or under-collections, 供应商退款, 等. 该COG的目的是通过在批发市场上支付的金额,随着时间的推移. 然而, 调整的影响通常导致当月成本高于或低于实际批发市场.
一个固定的金额支付,不考虑瞬时需求或总能源使用在一个月. 从理论上讲,顾客收费应包括与服务顾客直接相关的成本,而不考虑销售额. Some costs included are meter costs, 抄表, yard lines and pressure 监管机构 (for gas), transformers and service drops (for electric), 维护米, 监管机构, transformers and service drops, 计费, 客户服务, 等. 在现实中, the customer charge does not cover all of these costs, so the remainder is included in the delivery charge.
A portion of electric delivery charges for the local movement of power. Midwest Energy includes costs of its lines and substations that operate below 34,在这个类别中是000伏. 电力公司的其他运营成本也包括在这里,因为许多客户特定的固定成本并没有完全由“客户费用”覆盖。. In this sense, the term distribution really means "distribution and local service".
亚博游戏娱乐官网公司将电力从亚博游戏娱乐官网网的连接点转移到客户的前提下的费用,以及与电力输送相关的辅助费用. These charges include both the bulk, high voltage movement of power (transmission) as well as the local delivery (distribution).
亚博游戏娱乐官网公司代表其客户向批发电力供应商购买批发电力的预期成本. 当这一费用与支付给批发供应商的平均实际电力成本不同时, 能源成本调整作为一个修正因素,以确保亚博游戏娱乐官网公司在一段时间内收集的电力不超过其实际支付的批发电价.
亚博游戏娱乐官网公司代表其客户购买的批发电力的实际成本与生产费用之间的差额. 如果中西部公司收取的电力高于或低于其实际支付的批发电价,美国能源署会将之前各时期的真实数据包括在内. ECA的目的是确保亚博游戏娱乐官网公司在一段时间内收集的电力不超过或低于批发电力的实际成本. 然而, 在任何给定的月份,ECA的影响是使总生产费用略高于或略低于实际的批发电力成本. 除了, the ECA will include any costs for fuel used to power Midwest Energy-owned generation plants.
一种允许天然气生产商(或销售商)直接向零售客户销售其产品,同时依赖当地公用事业公司提供实际天然气输送的情况. 气体开放获取 is not currently permitted in Kansas for residential customers.
An instantaneous measure of electric demand equal to 0.8285 kW. Midwest Energy uses this measurement only for electric irrigation customers.
An instantaneous measure of electric demand equal to one thousand volt-amperes. When voltage and amperage are perfectly in phase, kVA demand will equal kW demand. 电 loads that generate a magnetic field (motors, lighting ballasts, 等.) cause the current to lag voltage, lowering the power factor and increasing amp draw to accomplish the same work. 大型商业, oil field and industrial customers can correct this problem by installing capacitors.
One thousand watts, measured instantaneously. (见“瓦特”的定义.) When Midwest Energy bills on the basis of electric demand, it is the average demand over a 15-minute period. 在许多情况下, Midwest Energy measures demand in slightly different units, 称为kVA(千伏安). 除了 to demand, kVA 计费 includes consideration of the customer's power factor.
The basic unit of electric energy equivalent to one 千瓦 used for one hour. 例如, 10个100瓦的灯泡每小时使用1千瓦时(10个灯泡x 100瓦x 1小时= 1000瓦时), 或一千瓦时). When used in a resistance type appliance such as a toaster or portable heater, 1千瓦时等于3,413年的热量.
与亚博游戏娱乐官网公司拥有的发电设施的保养和折旧有关的发电费用. The local generation charge does not include the cost of the fuel used to run these plants. Fuel costs are included in the 能源成本调整(ECA).
对电表, 这是客户的总负载与流经仪表的负载的比率. 亚博游戏娱乐官网, farm and small commercial meters usually have a multiplier of one. That means all of the electricity used flows through the meter. The amount of electricity used by large commercial, 油田和工业帐户太大,流过仪表而不破坏它. 对于这些, 亚博游戏娱乐官网公司安装的设备可以使实际负载的一个已知百分比通过仪表. 电表乘数乘以开始和结束电表读数的变化等于实际的能源消耗.
All the hours of the year other than those that are on-peak.
The hours during the year when demand for electricity is particularly high for Midwest Energy. 这些时间是从下午两点开始.m. 9点p.m., Monday through Saturday during the months of June - August.
用户用电设备实际使用的功率与总表观供电功率之比, usually expressed as a percentage. 功率因数表示客户的电气设备导致客户现场的电流与电压的相位差的程度.
指特定的堪萨斯公司委员会批准的费率表,收费的基础. For a copy of the particular rate schedule identified by the rate code, 请参阅本网站能源选择部分的电力和天然气费率表.
一种允许电力生产商(或销售商)直接向零售客户销售其产品,同时依靠当地公用事业提供实际的能源供应的情况. 零售旋转 is not currently permitted in Kansas.
天然气消耗的基本单位,用来测量流经管道的天然气能量的数量. 1 (1) therm等于100,000 BTU's (British 小卡al Units); ten (10) therms equal one (1) MMBtu or one million BTU.
A portion of electric delivery charges for the bulk movement of power. Midwest Energy includes costs of its lines and substations that operate at 34,000 volts and above in this category.
Transport or Transportation Only Service
天然气服务,客户安排天然气由天然气销售人员代表客户交付给亚博游戏娱乐官网系统. Midwest Energy then delivers the gas to the customer without ever taking ownership of the gas. 目前,亚博游戏娱乐官网公司的亚博游戏娱乐官网客户无法享受运输服务.
将电力或天然气服务的总成本分成其功能部分的过程. 在电力工业中, this means separating the cost of electricity into (1) Production (generation), (2) 传输 (bulk movement of power), and (3) 分布 (local delivery, metering and 计费 services). 传输 and 分布 together are often referred to as "delivery". 在天然气工业中, 分拆天然气服务分离了天然气(1)生产(天然气商品)的成本, (2) 传输 (bulk movement of gas from one region to another via interstate pipelines), and 分布 (the local delivery, 计量和计费). 以进行计费, 亚博游戏娱乐官网公司将生产成本和上游州际管道成本纳入购买的天然气调整.
天然气米, this is the result of using values for service pressure at the meter outlet, 当地大气压力, 燃料的BTU含量, to convert the 抄表 from a volumetric measurement to therms. 对热含量而不是体积进行计费是很重要的,因为从上游州际管道输送的天然气的热含量是周期性变化的. 打电话给你当地的亚博游戏娱乐官网办公室,索要一张详细解释使用因子方程的传单.
The rate of electric energy transfer equal to a current of one amp flowing at one volt. This is an instantaneous measure, 类似于以英里每小时计算的车速或以加仑每分钟计算的水流. 瓦特s are exactly equal to volts times amps if the current and voltage are perfectly in phase. (See definitions of kilovolt-ampere and power factor.)
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